In 2004, Kalam: Margins Write began developing Writing Out: A Poetry-Writing Workshop as an experimental, pilot workshop series for marginalized and at-risk youth in Kolkata, India. Kalam facilitated its first Writing Out workshop in partnership with youth living in Kalighat red-light area (DIKSHA) and teenage girls living in a shelter home (Sanlaap). As an open and particapatory curriculum, each session in Writing Out changed and evolved based on experiences and reflections of particpants and facilitators.

A year later, in 2005, Kalam facilitated the Writing Out workshop with 3 new groups of youth: 1) boys working and living on railway platforms in Malda, West Bengal (Praajak), 2) adolsecents living in a slum area of Garden Reach neighborhood (Vikramshila) and 3) youth engaged in child labor (Save the Children, UK). The participation of these diverse groups of youth in Writing Out exposed new insights into the curriculum and further revised the workshop process.

Today, Kalam is currently facilitating Writing Out at a shelter home for at-risk boys (Don Bosco Ashalayam). With this group of adolescent boys, Kalam, again, is discovering new weaknesses and finding old and new strengths in the content and methodology of its curriculum. Each session taking place right now is revising and transforming Writing Out’s curriclum according to new ground experiences.

In the near future, Kalam seeks to publish Writing Out as toolkit for educators working with youth in South Asia.


One Comment on “History”

  1. Gautam Patel Says:

    Is the ‘Writing Out toolkit’ available to purchase? We are running a home-learning centre for 30 children in the city of Gandhinagar in Gujarat. We would be very grateful if you could let me know how to obtain the ‘Writing Out toolkit’


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