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The Conundrum with Ten

September 1, 2006

From the Session 1 to Session 9, our past workshop experiences were consistent throughout facilitations with DIKSHA, Sanlaap, Vikramshila, Save the Children, and Praajak. After facilitating Writing Out with these five groups, the first nine sessions have been challenged, revised and ‘tested’ and semi-concretized (for a lack of a better word) with on-the-ground-experience. So from the “Introduction to Poetry” until “Home” we think we’ve got our plan pretty much set. But after that we’re a little unsure as to which is the best way to proceed forward with Writing Out. The session after the ‘Home’ session, which in this case, happens to be Session 10 – the midway mark of Writing Out – is a whole new story on the curriculum design front. Its a story with more uncertainty and a great deal of experiment and possiblity.

So this is how its been: Session 10 with Sanlaap and DIKSHA was different than the Session 10 that occured with Vikramshila. Save the Childrens’ Session 10 is also different. And Praajak’s, of course, is far different. All the past Sesssion 10s vary in theme from each other, ranging from Portrait Sketches, the Nation, I Remember, to others. And yet, with all these different Session 10s, we can’t quite seem to figure out which version is the best way to go. And whatever we determine as Session 10 — again,the great half-way mark — the rest of the curriculum will evolve accordingly. So its pivotal. There are certain themes I know need to be included in the future sessions — The Nation, I Remember, Masks?, Lost and Found, Personal Inventory, Local History. But whats the best order? And what should be in between these sessions. And which one of these falls into the phase, ‘Community?’ And which into the last phase, ‘The World.’

So, the conundrum ten is: what should Session 10 look like? I don’t want to jump to Nation, not yet. Something tells me we need something in between Home and Nation. Portrait Sketches may be interesting. Its wasn’t such a bumper hit with DIKSHA and Sanlaap, and we never tried it with any other group. Maybe we should try revising Portrait Sketches. I feel its important for us to facilitate a session where we pause and focus on one individual in our life who affects us. Or, maybe we should go to Local History? I don’t know.

Feeling confused and hopeful with possibilty for Ten.