Writing Out is a poetry-writing workshop curriculum of Kalam: Margins Write, a rights-based creative writing program in Kolkata, India working with marginalized and underpriveleged youth.

The Writing Out poetry-writing workshop series is Kalam’s first program. It is a 20 session workshop curriculum aimed at adolescents, which explores crucial themes on identity and personal growth through open discussion and writing.

Writing Out is a curriculum in-progress, learning and evolving from ground experiences. This weblog is a platform for educators in Kalam to exchange their workshop experiences in contribution to reshaping Writing Out. The conversations posted are about sessions 1-10 of Writing out. This weblog is also is a space open to youth, educators, writers, social change workers and interested individuals to share their ideas and reflections.

If you would like to get in touch with the folks who concieved, designed, and administer Writing Out, feel free to contact Sahar, Bishan, Pooja and Urbi.


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