Portrait Sketch Poem Conversation

Hi all:

This poem definitely looks like something we could work around. I remember that the last time we did this session on portrait sketch we used a vignette by Sandra Cisneros. Although it was a moving bit of literature, it wasn’t a terribly good model for the generation of a workshop poem. Hence, we do not have a single workshop poem from this session.

The portrait poems that I have come across in Bengali books of poetry are either esoteric or “meant for children”. I like this poem that Sahar has put up simply because it has a ring of truth and lack of pretence.

We can break the intended portrait poem into sections like ‘Appearance’, ‘Habits’, ‘Things (s)he says’ etc. and devote three/four lines to each section. And then maybe round it off with one line stressing on the writer’s relationship with the subject of the portrait.

Will try to come up with a sample poem.

What do you think?

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2 Comments on “Portrait Sketch Poem Conversation”

  1. pooja Says:

    hey bishan and sahar,

    yeah, i’ve been lookin and literally begging around for portrait sketches in bangla but as bishan said they’re either esoteric or for kids. No middle ground! and yeah bishan, i like that idea of breaking it up in parts…but how do we find a sample poem? do we make one? just thinking aloud.

  2. Sahar Says:

    Bishan, I like invisible division in the poem – it will help the young writer to think in concrete terms.

    I look forward to reading your sample poem! 🙂


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