Session 6: Emotions

This session is an instrospective session exploring emotions through similies and metaphors. It combines a good balance of collective writing activities and individual writing activities. The effectiveness of the opening discussion seems to depend on the degree of familiarity between participants. If the group knows each other well — like the participants of Sanlaap and DIKSHA — we’re sure it will be an insightful conversation. If the group is less familiar with each other, like the participants of Vikramshila, try to tailor the discussion around people they know well. The activities that follow usually have been enjoyable by all.

For printable version of this session, click on Session 6: Emotions

(Again, the session will be posted on the blog very, very soon.)

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One Comment on “Session 6: Emotions”

  1. queer3779 Says:


    The stinger remains one of the best warm-ups ever! It was a great hit with Bosco, although it was found out too quickly who the killer was.

    The discussion about feelings was energetic. And because these boys live together, like the Sanlaap girls, they could really point out the symptoms for their friends’ feelings. We have to find a different way of conducting this discussion when the group is more heterogeneous and the participants know each less well.

    The “visualizing feelings” activity was also more or less well-understood. However, we did not get as many true IMAGES as we had hoped. They were mostly descriptions of activities or bodily symptoms like “blood-red eyes” for sadness etc. But everybody understood what was going on, which is not so easy for a group.
    The more I see, the more I feel that our session plans work much better with homogeneous groups, like Sanlaap and Bosco. We have to think of ways to adapt this curriculum for groups with greater variance of age and background, like SAVE, for instance. Well, easier said than done.

    I still feel that sessions 4, 5 and 6 are really the ones which work best with most groups. I am proud of these sessions 

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